The safe to Lead initiative: a free seminar for youth

     In our Safe to Lead Seminar for youth, we aim to educate youth on sex education and human rights. it has become critical to include education on the world's fastest-growing crime, human trafficking, using censored but pertinent information. programs also address bullying, child abduction, internet safety, self-defense, loneliness, mental health, and inappropriate sexual conduct, and provide emergency and holistic solutions.


       -HUMAN Rights & Sex Education FOR YOUTH AGES 8 AND UP
       -Human rights & Sex Education FOR YOUTH AGES 5 TO 7


Youth Human Rights & Sex Education seminars

    Considering the rise of automation, web-access, and globalization, it is incumbent upon our societies to adjust the way we approach modern educational curricula as well as career readiness to prepare for the future of work and lead safe, fulfilling, and prosperous lives. HoistPoint's core leadership essentials include: The Fundamentals of Math, Reading Before Leading, Financial Literacy for Kids, and Writing Webinars for various applications including Creative Writing, College Application Essays, Resumes, Cover Letters. finally, HoistPoint offers its flagship program, the Leaders to Legends Leadership Seminar which guides participants to look inward for self-discovery and outwards for social betterment. In this program, HoistPoint promotes a specific leadership philosophy called Conscious Leadership, or ethical, inspired, service-based leadership. With an emphasis on financial literacy, social impact entrepreneurship, creative writing, emotional intelligence, and a plethora of both well-known leaders and those glanced over by history, we challenge people of all ages to be guided in introspection, become their best selves, and live an inspired life. The program imbues well-roundedness into its design so that various topics are included, like history, science, technology, philosophy, civics, and more. Though outside, independent study is required for a thorough understanding, HoistPoint hopes to not only provide information but serve as a catalyst to learning inside and outside of the sessions. By filling the gaps of traditional education, we hope to ignite inspiration, curiosity, and a voracious appetite for knowledge.

      We also encourage all of our participants to gain perspective and understanding of the world and its needs. By promoting involvement in both local community service projects and the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, we hope to inspire our participants to become catalysts for social change and to lead a life of service to others.  

      HoistPoint's Leadership Series including Safe to Lead: Human Rights & Sex Education Seminars, is also intended to effect positive change on a myriad of issues including racism, gender discrimination, gang violence, gender-based violence, bullying, and mental health awareness. 

Youth seminars