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Intuitive Consulting  & Certified Life Coaching


Our Philosophy & Conscious Approach 

Conscious Leadership, or ethical, inspired, service-based leadership, is the golden philosophy promulgrated at HoistPoint because the world needs better leaders. Additionally, HoistPoint believes that people of all ages and all walks of life need support, especially the kind that reaches into the soul. There are many negative trends plaguing people, like suicide, which result from poor mental health and insufficient education, among other things. In addition to HoistPoint's supplemental, educational webinars, HoistPoint offers personalized coaching and consulting to nurture the whole individual, and help them reach their fullest potential and become conscious leaders. HoistPoint combines two disciplines: Intuitive Consulting, and Certified Life Coaching. Read more below to learn more about both.

Intuitive Consulting

Some people think that only a few people have intuition. Others don't believe intuition is real. Some have never even heard of intuition. At HoistPoint, we know every person has intuition, which is really a superpower! By using intuition, you can help protect yourself and others, but you can also open the floodgates of inspiration, creativity, and innovation to get unstuck. Intuitive consulting is like a psychic reading, but it's focused on helping you become the highest version of yourself. In Intuitive Consulting, it's a soul deep dive with a twist of therapy. Sessions are performed by experienced and highly accurate consultants. 

Certified Life Coaching

HoistPoint offers Certified Life Coaching for continuous support to help clients, both young adults and adults, succeed and surpass their goals. Approximately 40% of the top executives at Fortune 500 companies use a coach, and entrepreneurs who use a coach can increase their sales by working with the right coach. HoistPoint's Life Coaching fosters accountability, organization, critical thinking, resiliency mindset, and positive beliefs and behaviors which all have ripple effects into personal, academic, and professional facets of life.

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