We promote Conscious Leadership, positive values, encourage entrepreneurship, Elevate Intuitive & emotional intelligence, inspire change, and teach Practical life skills.

    The "Hoist Point" is the part of the plane where the propeller is located. Thus HoistPoint is a metaphor for the nature of our uplifting seminars which aim to propel our participants to their personal legends and self-actualization. The name was chosen after a life-changing trip taken by the Founder, Diane Hagopian, on her return flight from a United Nations' Human Rights Conference in Switzerland. 

      Diane Hagopian is not just an activist, writer, poet, and photojournalist, she is the Founder and CEO of HoistPoint. Though high school is not a relevant topic for many with respect to their career or professional endeavors, this is not the case with Diane and the inception of HoistPoint. She was fortunate enough to attend one of the 100 best preparatory boarding schools in the world, Culver Academies, which emphasized a well-rounded education, and ethical, service-based leadership. In addition to holding several leadership positions, she began her career as a human rights activist and speaker, and was selected to serve as a leading Fellow to launch Culver's Writing Center. 

        After graduating with her Bachelor's Degree in Accounting, she attended several conferences at the United Nations in Geneva and New York City. The conferences, predominantly on women's issues, human trafficking, and the socioeconomic empowerment of youth, inspired her to leave the financial services industry and instead create programs in response to the need for human trafficking prevention and the need to mobilize young, ethical leaders to counterbalance the lack of responsible leaders in the face of a numerous, pressing, global issues. Her premier causes are education, criminal justice reform, sustainable development, gender parity, mental health awareness, and the empowerment and revitalization of youth and marginalized groups, including veterans, prisoners, the homeless, and trafficking survivors. She is currently finishing a book which details the phenomenal trip that led her to start HoistPoint, embrace a spiritual perspective on life, and use her passion and inspired perspective to drive real change. To find out more about Diane and Conscious Leadership, explorehere.


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What is a "Hoist point"?

Diane Hagopian

Founder, CEO & Speaker


    We are a social-impact company that is dedicated to human rights, well-rounded education, and service-based, ethical, and inspired leadership, also known as Conscious Leadership, in order to build a healthier, sustainable future for ourselves and our planet. Accordingly, it is our belief that HoistPoint seminars should be shown to every person around the world. The content of our seminars is derived from relevant research, universal principles of love and respect, and an honest acknowledgement of systemic issues inside nearly every country- issues which have left huge deficiencies in the well-rounded development of our youth, the revitalization of our marginalized communities, and the healthy development of the general population. These groups need to be empowered with knowledge that keeps them safe and inspired with wisdom, perspective, and resources in a changing world. 

    HoistPoint wants to keep this and the next generation of leaders safe through our Human Trafficking Awareness & Prevention Seminars for Youth and Certain Working Professionals. We further propel help them to capitalize on their individual potential through our Conscious Leadership Initiative. By utilizing a scalable model of virtual seminars and service offerings, HoistPoint can reach participants all over the world quickly and easily, an aspect where traditional programs in some of these areas have, unfortunately, fallen short. Further still, HoistPoint embraces both a holistic and spiritual (religiously-neutral) approach to breaking destructive cycles and promoting positive ones.

     Additionally, it is one of HoistPoint's primary objectives to serve as an unofficial liaison between the United Nations and civil society in order to promote and facilitate the achievement of the United Nations' Global Goals for Sustainable Development. HoistPoint is proud to not only promote the United Nations' Global Goals for Sustainable Development, but to be working to help achieve multiple Goals, specifically those pertaining to human trafficking, gender parity, education, poverty alleviation, clean energy, and shifting the social norms to generally be more inclusive. 


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