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Meet the Founder

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Propelling Leaders to Legends

Diane Hagopian,

Founder, CEO, Certified Life Coach & Inspirational Speaker

     HoistPoint was created from a desire to do the most good for the most amount of people. Spearheaded by founder, Diane Hagopian, HoistPoint's mission is to innovate education by filling the gaps through inspirational coaching and innovative courses.

     Diane was inspired throughout her career to create HoistPoint. As a young boarding school student at an elite, college-preparatory high school, Diane began thinking about the price of quality education and how many students deserved quality education, but could not afford it. 

     As a college student studying Accounting, Diane began to explore issues close to her heart, including those which mostly occur because of poor quality education or a lack of economic opportunity. After a miraculous trip to the United Nations for a graduate study program on human rights, Diane was inspired with the idea of changing her career path and creating HoistPoint to begin to "fill the gaps" in education to protect, educate, and inspire youth.

       Diane built on her background of financial services, human rights activism, and her work as a private tutor to begin to build out HoistPoint. She began building HoistPoint by first expanding on her own education through formal and informal avenues, becoming certified to speak on human trafficking, attending numerous United Nations conferences in New York City on related topics, and speaking to as many parents and students about education as possible.  She became more acquainted with the learning challenges of Common Core as well, and could see the issues and negative impacts of intentionally dumbed-down and inadequate educational curricula from both a micro and macro perspective.

      Diane realized there are a number of important topics which are either not taught well in most schools, especially since Common Core's rollout, or are completely left out. These gaps, which many people can agree upon but for some reason are still not being taught, include personal financial literacy, public speaking, emotional and mental health with holistic perspectives, and fundamental concepts like "human rights". She also noticed how overworked both teachers and students are in traditional schools. Even more concerning is students' declining performance in key areas such as reading, writing, and math. Diane knew she could help these injustices.

      Sparked by curiosity, a love of learning, and a desire to improve education for students everywhere, Diane created HoistPoint utilizing the best practices of educators around the world to propel leaders to their personal legends, and spark a global movement of #ConsciousEducationInnovation.