We are always looking for relationships that will assist us in promoting our message or provide valuable resources to our participants. As we launch our #HopeisDope Campaign, we hope to create a network of partnerships, especially with leaders, entrepreneurs, and other social impact companies and organizations. Currently, we are looking for technology partners and partners who focus on education, sustainability, poverty, and innovative solutions. Through our affiliate programs, we can spread our message and compensate those looking for additional income. 

Many of our programs should be in school but aren't because of budget cuts, ill-advised educational standards, and bureaucratic red-tape. Innovation in education cannot be left up to governments. It must first be a collaboration by the private sector and partners in education, including teachers, principals, parents, students, and community leaders. Contact us to become a strategic partner and HoistPoint ambassador at Info@TheHoistPoint.com.

HoistPoint provides creative solutions to individuals through private, conscious leadership coaching, as well as to schools, businesses and institutions desiring to increase their social responsibility efforts, rejuvenate their employees and office environment, inspire innovation, create a positive, nontoxic corporate culture. Seminars include an introduction to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals to help steer participants in a solution-oriented direction.

Workshops and Seminars offer not only a transformative and inspiring experience, but through a strategic technology partnership, they offer a way for corporations, schools, and the like to measure their social impact and footprint on the world long after the event.

For Information on pricing and packaging, contact Info@TheHositPoint.com.

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Educational Webinars and Leadership Consulting for Youth and Adults

HoistPoint is a social-impact company that offers innovative, educational webinars, and Conscious Leadership Consulting. Conscious Leadership is ethical, inspired, service-based leadership. HoistPoint believes it's the answer to social and environmental pollution, among other things. We advocate Conscious Leadership to encourage social impact projects and entrepreneurship. Education reform is slow and the world suffers as a result. Youth leadership development is especially vital-and it, along with high quality, innovative and inspirational education- must be more accessible. This is why HoistPoint created online seminars. Additionally, the future of work is changing so people must think critically and creatively, embrace social impact entrepreneurship, and be equipped with the knowledge they should have been taught in schools. HoistPoint webinars teach financial literacy, how to write well, math fundamentals, human rights, internet safety, mental health and wellness, anti-bullying remedies, about "obscure" but amazing leaders, and even about the power of one's intuition since as Steve Jobs said, "Intuition is a very powerful thing, more powerful than intellect." There are many topics which should be taught so that we can innovate and evolve for a sustainable future. Thus, HoistPoint's educational webinars and consulting sessions aim to propel participants to their personal legends so they may effect positive change both individually and collectively.