We are always looking for relationships that will assist us in promoting our message or provide valuable resources to our participants. As we launch our #HopeisDope Campaign, we hope to create a network of partnerships, especially with leaders, entrepreneurs, and other social impact companies and organizations. Currently, we are looking for technology partners and partners who focus on education, sustainability, poverty, and innovative solutions.

Consulting Services


why we're here

HoistPoint provides creative solutions to individuals through private, intuitive coaching, or to businesses and institutions desiring to increase their social responsibility efforts, rejuvenate their employees and office environment, decrease their carbon footprint, and be a part of a global, sustainable-development movement of fair trade, renewable energy, and positive, inspired, and ethical collaboration.

HoistPoint is a social-impact company which offers in-person and virtual seminars. We believe there is not enough light in the world, so we want to help spread it! HoistPoint aims to nourish the health, safety and growth of the individual, and propel participants to their personal legends so they may effect change both individually and collectively. 

Seminars & Series